Mon, Jul 15, 2013 - [LSU]
Golden Eagles Enjoy First Year In New Training Room

It seems like yesterday, but it has been one year that athletic trainer Brian Murphy moved into his new office and training room area.  Murphy, who was hired in 2006 as the school's first-ever full-time athletic trainer, has been waiting since his first year to move into a more adequate space to perform his duties.  But his patience finally paid off last summer when a couple of old storage closets were cleared and torn out to create a training room/office/laundry room space.  Now that's it has been a year, we decided to see how Brian is enjoying his new digs. 

Question #1:  Provide some thoughts on your new training room and office?

To be honest, we (athletic administration) didn't know if this would happen.  Once this was going to be a reality; at first, it was hard to imagine what a new athletic training room was going to look like.  Especially in an area that was still occupied with closets, and other storage areas inside.  Once we get some cabinets and shelving in place it will be a lot better in terms of storage and trying to keep this new athletic training room clean and clutter free.  In terms of the office I like the fact that I am able to see the entire training room.  In the old athletic training room, my desk had to be strategically placed so I could see into the training room.  There were no windows in my old office to see into the training room which made it difficult to observe everyone.


Question #2:  How long have you been waiting for this upgrade?

I would probably say after my very first year here (2006).  Seeing how many athletes (both La Sierra student-athletes and visiting team's student-athletes) came through my first year here and the amount of space provided.  When I was hired the athletic training room and office had already been framed so I had to be creative in terms of ordering supplies.  I needed to purchase items that were a necessity but also what was practical for the amount of space provided to me.


Question #3:  What do you like best about the new space?

The fact that I can have more than six student-athletes in the training room and not feel confined.  In the old athletic training room, with multiple teams practicing or when we had a visiting team that needed to be taken care of, once the student-athletes were done with their treatments, rehab, etc., I needed them to leave.

In the new athletic training room, I can have visiting teams in here at the same time as our current student-athletes, or if we have multiple teams practicing, they can all be in here at one time.

Also…having more than one entrance into and out of the athletic training room is nice.


Question #4:  What has been the reaction from the student-athletes to the training room?

The student-athletes love the training room.  It is bigger and brighter.  There is dual access to the athletic training room whereas the old athletic training room only had one door to access the room; there is a lot more space.  All the student-athletes are asking when the big whirlpool is coming.


Question #5:  What still remains on your wish list or what other improvements would you still like to see in the athletic training room?

In regards to the athletic training room, it would be nice to have some more space to have a hydrotherapy area (at least one large whirlpool plus my current hydrotherapy machines and with a larger ice machine in terms of producing and storage), a rehabilitation area and an extra office for physicians.


In addition to handling all of the athletic department's athletic training needs, Murphy is also responsible for the compliance responsibilities.  During the 2008-09 academic year, he served as the program's interim athletic director.  Murphy is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and was recently named as the Chair for the athletic trainers in La Sierra's new conference, the California Pacific Conference (Cal Pac).  He currently resides in Rancho Cucamonga with his wife Lisa and their two children, Nicholas (6) and Danica (3).

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