La Sierra NEWS
Sun, Aug. 15, 2010 - [LSU]
With the joining of the NAIA, La Sierra University athletic teams now have longer seasons and more opportunities to play opponents outside the local area. This, however, comes at a price. Specifically, a higher price of traveling costs. With no increase in budget LSU teams are getting creative in how they are accomplishing out of town trips.

Several of our teams have worked out contracts with opponents where the host team is paying a portion of our travel fees. That includes air fare, hotel, and/or ground transportation. Even local cross town rivals are willing to give our teams a cut of the admissions to help us offset other travel fees later in the year. This is a large step for our beginning programs.

Some of our teams are taking advantage of accommodations of sister Colleges, Universities, and even high school academies in the area's where we are traveling. These sister schools are putting us up for a few nights while we are in their area.  

With the ability to travel, yet no increase in travel budget, coaches and players have taken it upon themselves to find ways to play outside the local area. This is just another step in the growth of our programs