Athletic Advisory Board


The mission of the "La Sierra University Golden Eagles Athletics Advisory Board" is to advise the University in their strategic objectives, related to intercollegiate athletics while maintaining a focus on the institution's academic mission.  The advisory board members provide both internal and external consultation and serve as a sounding board for athletic related initiatives.  Members also work to help secure significant contributions and target areas of financial support for La Sierra University Golden Eagles Athletics.


MEMBERS:  (Click on name to access bio's)

Stan Morrison (Chair)

Randal Wisby (La Sierra University President)

Yami Bazan (La Sierra University Vice President for Student Affairs)

Norman Yergen (La Sierra University Vice President for Advancement)

Kristine Barker (La Sierra University Development Officer/Athletic Advisory Board Coordinator)

Javier Krumm (Athletic Director)

Robert Castillo (Associate Athletic Director)

Marjorie Robinson (La Sierra University Dean of Students)

Jesus Moreno (Administrative Assistant for Athletics)

Rob Thomas (Health and Exercise Science Department Chair)

Nikki Cheong (SAAC President)

Kermit Alexander

Tami Alexander

Bill Arnold

Melanie Jobe

Jeremy Jordan

Julie King

Anthony Mendoza

Brian Neal

Kip Shipley

Wendel Tucker


Head Coaches are ex officio members of the committee…

Erin Conley (Women's Volleyball)

Robert Castillo (Women's Basketball)

Gabriel Gamboa (Baseball)

Tom Ogle (Softball)

Jesse Olivas (Men's Soccer)

Derek Robbins (Men's Basketball)


Student-Athletes who are members of the SAAC are also invited to attend…

Dakota Shelton

Michael Gonzalez

Marquis Kidd

CJ Goldsmith

Victoria Lowe

Shelby Madigan

Aleena Bahling

Lindsay Sleigh

Monique Villasenor

Dakota Shelton

Sid Dube 

Colleen Stafford

Sasha Birt-Moody