Game Management


Game Management


Welcome to the Golden Eagles Athletics Game Management page. The goal of our game management team is to ensure that a safe and hospitable game environment is created for all home and visiting team athletic participants, fans, students, officials, and administrators. If you have any questions please contact Jesus Moreno at 951-785-2295/2533 or [email protected].


Game Staff Responsibilities/Expectations

  • Be ON TIME!
  • Look presentable and professional. Each individual is responsible to arrive in uniform (Khaki Pants/Shorts & Blue Golden Eagles Polo). Polo's should be picked up at the Athletic Director's office immediately after checking in. Pants/Shorts should be clean and ironed. The use of hats, sandals, and sweatshirts/jackets will not be permitted. Proper hygiene should be practiced.
  • If you are unable to make your shift, please  Jesus Moreno at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled shift. Failure to give proper notification will potentially result in dismissal.
  • It is our ultimate desire to present the game in a professional manner, consistent with collegiate athletics. Therefore, the following will not be permitted or tolerated at any time…

-         No cell phones/ texting during game, including time-outs (unless directed by the supervisor)

-         No use of personal computers allowed, including IPads

-         No eating while on duty

-         No listening to personal music while on duty (MP3, IPod, IPhone, etc.)

-         Please discourage friends from interfering while you are on duty.

-         No shooting baskets, kicking goals, serving/hitting, etc. (before, during, or after the contest)

  • Remember when you are clocked in, you are getting paid, therefor you should be working. If you find yourself with nothing to do, take the initiative to help out where needed.
  • All game personnel who sit at or near the scorer's table are to remain neutral and refrain from cheering during the athletic event. It is not appropriate to speak with the head coach about specific areas of concern that are raised by the opposing team's coach. If there is a discrepancy about the game clock, shot clock, score board, etc., all issues shall be discussed with those officiating the competition.
  • As a member of the Golden Eagles Game Management team, you will be expected to treat every participant, fan, student, official and administrator with the utmost respect and hospitality. Failure to meet this requirement will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Regardless of your specific duty, your objective should be to meet every individual's reasonable needs. If you, personally, are unable to satisfy the request please assist each individual by helping them locate the appropriate supervisor. 

On behalf of the La Sierra University Golden Eagles Athletic Department, we would like to thank you for your willingness and commitment to being a team member in this important and imperative role. Let us all take pride in performing our duties, with due diligence. 


Jesus Moreno

Game Management Director

La Sierra University

4500 Riverwalk Parkway

Riverside, CA 92515


Women's Basketball vs SDCC 5:30pm

Entrance- Tina (4:30pm)

Camera- Joelito & Santiago (4:30pm)

Book- Erin (5:00pm)

Shot Clock- Faith (5:00pm)

Score Board-  Roman (5:00pm)

Announcer- Sid

Stats- Brittany