Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


Your 2015-16 SAAC Committee:

Javier Krumm           Athletic Department Rep.

Robert Castillo         Athletic Department Rep.
John Munoz             Athletic Department Rep.
Erin Wallace            SALSU Rep.
Cheyenne Feig       SALSU Rep.
Andrew Gonzalez    Baseball
Cody Molla              Baseball
Curtis Brisbane       Men's Basketball (Secretary)
Heath McMahon     Men's Basketball
Madison Federici    Women's Basketball
Hannah Ascencio   Women's Basketball
Melanie Vidaurri     Softball
Rebecca Soqui       Softball
Raymundo Maldonado  Soccer
Josue Meza            Soccer
Maya Hanna           Volleyball (President)
Caitlin Marinos        Volleyball


La Sierra University - Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

Mission Statement:

The mission the La Sierra University's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to strive for a positive and beneficial student-athlete experience on campus and in the community.  We promote a positive student-athlete image by demonstrating servant leadership, sportsmanship, respect, and integrity.


1.      Promote communication between Athletics Administration to Student-Athletes

2.      Promote communication between Athletics Department to University administration

3.      Circulate crucial information

4.      Bringing together all athletic teams

5.      Campus support

6.      Organize community service efforts

7.      Promote a positive student-athlete image both on campus and in community

8.      Promote NAIA Character of Champions

2015-16 SAAC Goals

Membership:  Each team should have 1-2 reps

a.      Must be a student-athlete

b.      Obtain at least minimum GPA requirement of 2.3

c.       Coach approved/elected

d.      Responsible and motivated

e.      Any member of any team may come to any meeting if they so choose, but they do not have the power to vote

f.        Membership shall not be denied to any student on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.

Member Duties

a.      Attend all meetings and events

                   i.      Members may only miss meetings for: competition, class, illness, & finals

                   ii.      Must let the Advisor know if you cannot attend a meeting/events

b.      At all times, SAAC members must keep their teams educated about relevant issues discussed during SAAC meetings.

c.       Must act as leaders and liaisons within their teams