Javier Krumm

Javier Krumm, DirectorJavier Krumm is entering his fifth year as the Athletic Director at La Sierra University.

Krumm has broad experience as an athlete, coach, and administrator.

Prior to arriving at La Sierra University, Krumm was the athletic director and physical education instructor at Puget Sound Adventist Academy.  He taught physical education and coached soccer for the Cedar Hill Longhorns Independent School District (Cedar Hill, Texas) after arriving to the United States from Aregentina.  Krumm worked as the vice-chair and professor of the exercise science department at River Plate University,  in Entre Rios, Argentina.  Prior to that he worked as the interim athletic director at Sagunto College, in Valencia, Spain.

Krumm is a native of Argentina where his love for sports and where his athletic career began.  He participated in a variety of sports and eventually went on to make a career, playing and coaching, both soccer and volleyball, in the countries of Argentina and Spain.

Javier graduated with a B.S in Physical Education, from INFE University (Santa Fe, Argentina).  He has a masters degree in Fitness and Health (LIC) and a minor in Theology from River Plate University, and another masters degree, in Science of Education, from Southern Adventist University (Tennessee).

Krumm's wife Heidi Weiss-Krumm, is the director of the Office of International Student Services, at La Sierra University.  They have one daughter, Kiana, who is a sophomore is high school.


A message from the athletic director:

At La Sierra University we are "servant leaders." It is through servant leadership and hard work that we believe we can find success. "The only place you will find the word success before work is in the dictionary," otherwise success comes with hard work.

It is important for us that through our athletics program we develop our athletes physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.