Yami Bazan

Vice President for Student Affairs


Text Box:  Yamilet Bazan, Yami, was born in Cuba and came to the United States (Riverside, CA) when she was 8 years old. A pastor’s daughter, an athlete, a sister, cousin, wife, mother, teacher, pastor, all these can describe her, but she prefers the label, “a child of God”.  A graduate of La Sierra University (B.A & M.A) and soon-to-be graduate of Andrews University (PhD) Yami feels “indebted to the lives of the men and women who took the time to grow my faith, my intellect, and ultimately my love for God and my commitment to a life lived in community.”

Yami has been involved in education and youth ministries for the past nineteen years. She began as a middle school teacher, continued as a minister, served as Associate Youth Director of her conference and now is the Vice President for Student Affairs at La Sierra University.  You will often hear her speak about how much she enjoys the complexity of leadership in the context of organizations…”it’s never a dull moment!”  Having been raised in a very diverse city, she is committed to finding better ways in which we make room for the many “other” voices that make us a whole.  Early on with her middle schoolers she realized one of the best way to do this was to create opportunities for interaction, get them involved in sports, and take time for relationships.  “There is no magic formula for building community, but rather a willingness to live life together.”  Whether she is coordinating an event with 3,000 high schoolers doing 50 different community projects, or reading her favorite children’s book at the local elementary, or just sitting at the cafeteria eating lunch with a student, she considers every encounter an honor.  Her passion is simply to live a life of meaning.

Yami’s been married for 21 years.  “My husband is my best friend, greatest supporter and my complete opposite.”  Together they share an active, musical, and funny thirteen-year-old son; both dad and son are named Daniel.